If this was tinder, I’d just put up a picture and be done with it. But since this is a bio, here’s a little about me: I’m obsessed with rock music, pizza, my dog, my pj’s and a particular type of adult cinema. I love a good rock concert not just because of the kick ass music, the sense of community and the permanent damage to my hearing, but also because i get to wear clothes i would never wear in front of my dad. I’m a Cuban that moved to Miami when i was two and i definitely did not arrive via private jet…. Let’s just say i learned to swim at an early age. I began my career in radio at 18, studied broadcasting journalism, and worked in TV and news print as well. So I’ve been heard, seen, read and I’m sure sniffed a few times along the way. I can recite the lyrics to any nine inch nails song, am confident that with this job I’ve achieve more success than all of my ex-’s combined, and i am certain coke in a glass bottle tastes way better than in a can. If you want to know more about me reach out on the time suck social media platform of your choice.