Name: Andy Ball
Birth date: May 1st
Birthplace: Wilmar, Minnesota

Piercings: Three, ears

Tattoos: Depending on how you count.. its either 6, or 14

Restaurant: Anything Chinese

Alcoholic Drink: Daquiri, I'm a fruity drinker, whatever !

Color: Luminescent

TV Show: Game of Thrones, Double Dare, Hey Dude

Band/Singer: So hard, as a lover of so much music this one kills me. Bands I would have to say: MxPx, Five Iron Frenzy, Underoath, or Emery. Favorite singer.. I'd have to say Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), he's one of the most prolific and underrated song-writers of our day.

Album: Green Day, Dookie, or Five Iron Frenzy, Our Newest Album Ever 

Actor/Actress: (old) Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Christian Bale

Day or Night: Night, always night 

Love or Money: Can't I have both?

Most Important Physical Feature in opposite sex: The fact that the person is my wife

Biggest Turn-Off: The fact that someone is not my wife

Bedtime: 1:00am

First Thought Waking Up this morning: "dude.... no"

What annoys you most about an other people: People who remind me of myself

How would you like to die: Having drowned in a kiddie pool filled with nacho cheese

Grossest thing you ever put in your mouth: Vegetables, all of them 

Best Concert: either Five Iron Frenzy new years eve 1999 in Denver Colorado, Underoath at the Egan Center in 2009, or MxPx at Summer Meltdown in 2008, or the Road to Warped Tour in Anchorage summer 2014, or.... you get the picture.