Name: Chris Coleman
Birth date: July 25,1975
Birthplace: Bryan,TX

Piercings: I had my ears gauged pretty big .Took out the jewelry now it looks like my ear lobes have loose buttholes

Tattoos: a few

Restaurant: Any war I can sit at a bar because I eat alone. When you are one guy sitting in a booth it just screams LOSER.

Alcoholic Drink: Whisky and Cola

Color: Red

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Band/Singer: Freddy Mercury

Album: Plans by Death Cab

Actor/Actress: Daniel Day Lewis in anything he does and Mark Walberg in Boogie Nights

Day or Night: Its Alaska you have to be a day person in summer and night in the winter

Love or Money: I would love to have Money

Most Important Physical Feature in opposite sex: Employment

Biggest Turn-Off: High Maintenance

Bedtime: Whenever I pass out but mid day naps rock.

First Thought Waking Up this morning: Oh this again with the living and breathing and going to work.

What annoys you most about a other people: Chewing with mouth open and slurping loudly.

How would you like to die: Spontaneous human combustion

Grossest thing you ever put in your mouth: Cat turd on a dare

Best Concert: Against Me!